Commonwealth Speaker Journal Entry, Fordyce, PA

Last night I performed for the folks at the Warrior Trail Association in Fordyce, PA, Greene County. I can't say enough about the civic minded individuals who keep this organization running. They were incredible hosts, providing a wonderful picnic dinner of local beef and deer burgers, salmon burgers, sides galore, and homemade berry pie. It was a joy to give my presentation in the Murdock schoolroom, a one room school building built in 1880. Some in attendance went to school there (one teacher, eight grades) and I was blessed to meet a charter member of the trail association who is 102 years old.The stories they shared with me included recollections of the nearby Bobtown mining community, harshly run many years ago by a coal company, and many expressed their concerns about natural gas drilling throughout the county and the process of "fracking."

 I was surprised at how many in attendance knew well about the battle of Blair Mountain, the Bullmoose Special and other events I had documented on The Unbroken Circle album. One gentleman even knew the particulars about the struggles to keep Blair Mountain on the national register of historic sites.

Special thanks to the association's chair Llew Williams who invited me to perform and presented me with a two foot hemlock tree (PA's state tree) to plant in my yard. I promised to join him soon for an afternoon to help maintain the trail. The Warrior trail runs from the Monongahelia River in PA to the Ohio in West Virginia. I urge you to learn more about the trail (go to Community/warriorTrail/ ) and I hope you will consider a visit.I also hope that I will get an opportunity to share more of my music with the fine folks of Greene County sometime soon.

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