Livin' the Dream

This was one of those weekends that makes me so grateful to be a musician. Pit, Jeff, and Chris, the guys in my band American Son played a stellar show at Frankie and George's on Friday. We were honored to be joined onstage by some of the finest musicians I know: Bob Beach, Andrea Pearl, Sarah Hayes, and Wil Kondrich. Those in the audience who were unable to perform included Rick Malis and "Sudden" Steve Binsberger. To my fans and friends who showed up to make the night even more special, including our promoter Zeke, thank you so much.

The next day, I played my favorite standing gig, Songwriter Saturday at the Leaf and Bean. Another incredible day as I was joined by Joel Lindsay and an amazing guitarist whom I just met, Dan Marcus.

We all know the drawbacks of being a professional musician, namely the struggle to pay the bills, but making music with such fine muscians and keeping company with all the wonderful folks who came to join us at these two shows is worth more than any money I could hope to make as a musician.

Livin' the dream indeed....

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